Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fake Certificate Racket in kerala

Investigators revealed that the maximum number of certificates and mark lists sent by foreign countries - embassies and consulates for verification to Examination Boards/ Kerala Universities (i.e. Calicut University, MG University, and Kerala University) and other educational courses from various other hidden universities are found to be Fake certificates. This ranges from PhD certificates to Pre-degree certificates

 Here we show a fake Btech certificate of Calicut university which is attested by UAE embassy Delhi [see pictures]
Our investigators found that this certificate holder  is Mr Nibu Poothucote Abraham ,is from Palakkad district .His actual basic Qualification is SSLC[tenth Pass]from B.E.M.H.S High School, Palakkad Kerala.& ITI [electronics] from palakkad. Heis from Suger colony chitoor ,Palakkad Dist kerala.He never studied or enter any colleges in india .presently he is working in Dubai Airport Freezone as Engineer with Fake Btech certificate.we found some difference in spelling in Marklist & certificate ,in certificate  Poothucote   & in marklist poothicote .

During the course of investigation, if at all fake certificates found, the universities have no option but to entrust the job to enquiry agencies which include Police, Vigilance, and Crime branch. On completion of investigation, only rare cases are brought forward as Fake certificates.

It is noted that Universities of Kerala are receiving at least three fake certificates per month for verification. Moreover, there is an excess amount of B Tech fake certificates from the leading IT Field... Many students opting for Nursing course outside Kerala are found to have submitted B Sc and Pre-degree certificates which have later proved to be fake, after necessary verification. Certificates submitted to UK and other gulf countries on verification, are found to be fake. It’s shocking to note that these certificates bear fake signatures of Vice Chancellors which are/were not at all existing in Kerala.

Acting on a tip off, the Mumbai Police last year made a raid on Fake certificates. Six false certificates recovered pertained to Calicut University. These included degree as well as PG certificates... Last year, more than 20 fake certificates were received for verification from various parts of Calicut. This included BSc as well as PhD certificates. Investigators also reveal that last year Ph D certificates sent by University of Toronto Canada, for verification to Calicut University are found to be absolutely fake Maximum certificates received for verification at M.G. Univ. Kochi are no doubt, found to be fake certificates. It has become a routine. A year back, Nursing College outside Kerala, found out 28 fake mark lists for pre-degree received at one lot. These mark lists pertained to the last pre-degree examination conducted by the university. Though the matter was taken up by the Police, nothing has been heard so far. Even today many government universities are receiving certificates from foreign countries for verification and most of them are found to be fake certificates. There are cases where ladies take up nursing job with the help of Fake certificates and are not caught red handed... The Police have not done anything so far.

Certificates received from CUSAT were considered more valuable for job seekers in the IT field. The submitted certificates were sent by the organizations to Cusat University for verification and many of them were found to be fake certificates.

Further it is noticed that only foreign countries – embassies, consulates and government agencies are sending the originals for verification to various universities and coming to the conclusion that most of them are fake certificates. On the other hand, small organizations are not taking the pain to do such investigation. It is a fact that fake certificates are increasing day by day and the panel is left with no option.